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The Bluecardio provides the fundamental Heart Rate Variability functions, such as Au-tonomic Dysfunction, ANS Monitoring and the 30:15 ratio test. The features of the device help medical professionals better understand and monitor symptoms that affect the ANS; such as: chronic the and tracking of diabetes, all that affect the ANS.

Bluecardio operates in real-time, and is ideal for use in any professional medical environment from a physician's private practice to a hospital operating room. All the results (analysis) obtained from measurement applications are stored in the Bluecardio and transmitted via Bluetooth to the practitioner's computer.

The BlueCardio standard is based on "Kubios" which is considered an international platform for quality and accuracy. The BlueCardio has a written analysis and a colored analysis showing the parameters of the test. The device is small in physical size, weight of 38 gr. and measures 4.5cm x 8.5cm x 0.7cm. The device couples via an APP with a tablet, smart phone (10S or Android).


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